Every man wishes to grow his facial hair and see how a beard looks on him. All men try this out, at least once in their life, and if it suits them, they keep it. If you are here for the sole purpose of getting the perfectly grown facial hair that develops into an eye-catching beard, then you’ve come to the right place.

Many men assume that growing a beard is all about putting aside your trimmer and razor and let the facial hair grow out. Well, it does sound like common sense, but this is not how you get the perfectly grown beard that actually adds the extra spur to your look. If you simply grow your beard, you might just end up looking like a lost bear or a wanderer. However, if you do take care of it and make sure that you are growing your beard the right way, then you can achieve the best beard of your dreams.

There is a lot that one needs to learn about growing a beard, and if you are up for learning, we have summed up all the necessary information that one needs to get the most remarkable beard. There are also a lot of issues that come along when you are growing your beard, and so we have covered them for you here as well.



To begin with, to grow a perfect beard, you seriously need to put away the razor and trimmer. As mentioned above, a lot of people think that this is the only thing to do, but there’s a lot more to it. However, once you put away your beard trimmer, you do need to be very patient. People who are not used to growing facial hair, usually get so annoyed within a few days that they drop the whole idea of growing a beard. But you need to be patient, and if you are, you will have some seriously great results to look forward to. Also, it’s really amazing to step outside of your comfort zone and do something different. So try this out and don’t touch the razor.

If you look at this closely, you might just develop patience as a major personality trait while you grow your beard as well. Isn’t that cool? Also, a beard stylist once said that beard is not measured in length, but it is measured in months. So, you kind of get a clue as to how much you would have to wait for it, right?

There are 3 types of beards:

  • The 1 month beard
  • The 3 month beard
  • The Yeard (beard that is grown for as long as a year)

There is also the Terminal beard which is famous as the holy grails of beards. This is basically the longest length of beard that one can grow genetically. This can be done in years and years, but we are not looking into it here until, of course,  you want to earn a Genius World Record for the longest beard.



Among the three types of beards, the most common beard is the One-Month and the Three-Month beard. Each type brings a set of challenges with it. When you are within the second week of growing a beard, you will see that it gets extremely itchy, and you just want to scratch it badly. It also appears to be a bit shaggy. You obviously need to man it up and wait as it will soon pass. However, being patient alone is not what will be the only help for you. So, this is what you need to do when you are growing beard and it gets super itchy:

Get a moisturizer. You need to apply a good amount of it. Also, please don’t purchase bead moisturizers that contain chemicals. Your skin might react to them. You can try out Hizzi to get a good, all natural or organic beard oil or moisturizer for yourself. Make sure that you apply an ample amount of it as it will bring a soothing effect to your beard.

Also, you don’t have to shampoo a two-week beard. A moisturizer or beard oil is good, and you can wash it away with water. You can use an organic soap at this moment to make sure that the oil gets out of your facial hair completely.



    Once the itchy phase is done and dusted, the untidy phase kicks in. So, this is where you need to welcome your trimmer back. Trim your mustache, neckline and upper cheeks. If you are going for the Yard, then you can probably leave the beard untouched, but that’s hardly the case for men these days, because neatness is the new handsome. So, trim the untidiness. Also, make sure that the upper cheek is free of hair. Trust me, it looks very untidy if your upper cheeks are filed with tiny facial hair, and they will ruin your overall appearance badly.

    This is when most men just give up on the phases of growing the beard because they can’t stand the untidiness. A lot of men shave off a lot and then decide to just let the idea of a beard drop. If you cut a lot by mistake, you might, yet again, end up trimming the entire thing. To stay on the safer side, it is best to trim the upper cheeks and neckline etc. just to give it a clean and neat look. You can easily wait for a month like this.

    Also, keep in mind that it is a very little amount of beard that you have to trim. You don’t have to trim and shape the beard yet. Don’t get a lot involved with the trimmer in this phase at all. Besides, when you decide to trim the mustache, always keep a pair of scissors with you for accuracy.  The scissors tend to give you a lot more control of the hair you have to cut. When you are trimming the upper cheek, just make sure that you go along the cheek line only and keep it completely natural. Don’t try to give it a shape.



    Maintenance is a very crucial step while you are growing your beard. You can’t overlook it. Less is more, and you need to stick to this idea. Don’t trim everything the same day. This usually makes you trim more than needed. You can trim more the next day. Also, to maintain your beard growth, make sure that you oil your beard at least twice or three times a week, if you can. Then apply a beard oil or moisturizer every day before you take a bath. Hizzi organic beard oil is an amazing product to get your hands on, and it will definitely help you grow your beard the perfect way.

    Also, make sure that you wash away the beard oil thoroughly. After a month, you can opt for a good beard shampoo and conditioner, too. This ensures incredible growth and a healthy beard as well. And, if you have a beard wash or shampoo, you can use it two-three times a week. Otherwise, wash it away with water or an organic soap. A lot of shampoo usage on your beard can make it dry and frizzy.

    For people who are growing their beards beyond the one-month type, you are going to have some fun. After two months, your beard starts to act differently. It actually gets funky, too. Your straight beard might get wavy or a bit curvy. This can be annoying, but it is completely natural, and if you have decided to grow it this much, you need to embrace it properly as well.

    People who go beyond two months and enter the third month of growing their beard also need to pay attention to maintaining it well. You just need to wash it with a beard shampoo and conditioner once a week. However, just rinse it daily with water to make sure that you remove all the dirt and dust from the inside. Also, never miss out on the beard oil. A reminder once again: Make sure that your beard moisturizer is one with natural ingredients.



    A lot of people tend to blow dry their beard. Yes, it can make you beard look super cool as it gives a fuller look to it. But it doesn’t make your beard grow properly and healthy. Blow drying your beard will make it dry and frizzy, which eventually will make it look really ugly. Even if you oil and moisturize your beard on a regular basis, make sure that you don’t blow dry it a lot. If, by any chance, you really do want to blow dry your beard, you must do it downwards. Always blow dry it downwards into its final end. You can also style your beard in different ways with a blow dryer. There are various tutorials on the internet that can teach you how to stylize your beard in different ways. However, you need to make sure that the style you are growing your beard into, is going to suit you. Your genetics play a huge part here. NEVER go for a beard style that you are not sure about. You don’t want to put in so much effort without being sure of good result. You can look up beard styles according to your face type and you will find the best and most suitable style for your beard for sure.



    If you believe the beard myths, you will never be able to grow a wonderful and good-looking beard. Here are some of the most common beard myths that we come to hear about, and they are so not true. You need to let them go if you are looking to grow a good and remarkably attractive beard.

     A lot of men believe that shaving a beard is going to make it thicker. Well, let’s pop that balloon for you. This is not true. Don’t shave your beard off just because you think it will come back to be thicker with every shave. It won’t.

    A beard longer than a month is unattractive! A lot of us have heard that, and men usually drop the idea of getting the proper beard due to this. If you keep your beard clean and tidy, you won’t find yourself unattractive at all. Trim your upper cheeks and neckline, and you will look extremely handsome.

    A beard is not a beard until it is full. Well, this is the worst myth of all. There are different types of beards and every beard has a specific time phase. A lot of people like to stick to their three-week beard. and many just tend to love their one-month beard. It is not important that you need to keep a two-month or three-month beard to actually name it as one. You don’t have to make it fuller if you don’t like it.

    Beards are dirty. We usually hear this myth a lot. And many men do keep their beards dirty too, which is why the poor beards themselves get the bad reputation. It’s up to each man to decide to keep his beard filled with dirt or not. If you wash it with water daily and shampoo and condition it twice a week, then it will be the cleanest beard of all. Beards are naturally prone to bacteria and germs, so it is you who must put in the effort to keep it clean in order to make it grow healthy and properly.

    If you keep all of these myths away and you solely focus on growing your beard in the right manner, then you can have the best-looking beard ever. Also, don’t forget that a beard doesn’t necessarily have to be full. You can choose your beard length and fullness according to your likeness.



    There are some basic beard products that every man needs who are looking to grow a good beard. These products can add the extra spark to your beard and make it softer, healthier and better looking too. Investing in the basic beard products will help you a lot and make sure that your beard doesn’t look ugly, even in the growing phase. Here are some important products that you must have in order to take care of your beard in the right way and to ensure healthy growth too. Let’s get started!

    Beard Oil: Beard oil is one of the most basic care products that every man with a specular beard must have. It helps in a lot of ways. The best perk of good beard oil is that it makes your beard soft. Moreover, it gives it the right amount of shine that is needed. It is highly recommended by beard stylists that men should use natural beard oils. Organic beard oils are now accessible easily, and they are made from all-natural ingredients and don’t do any harm to your beard at all. Whatever you apply on your beard is eventually going to affect your skin underneath, too. So, make sure that you always choose natural ingredients. Check out Hizzi beard oil which is completely organic-natural and helps in boosting beard growth and makes it softer and perfect.

    Beard Brush/Comb: A normal brush/comb is never going to enhance your beard in the right manner. Combing your beard with the right brush/comb is going to help you in keeping it perfectly styled and fresh. Yet again, Hizzi comb/brush is a good alternative to opt for. The bristles of the beard brush make it easy to make your beard tangle free and amazing to look at. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a good beard comb, if you are planning to keep it long. This will help you in keeping your beard looking tidy all the time.



      Hizzi offers premium beard care for all the men who love their beards and want to keep it fresh, healthy and soft. It brings a great package which allows everyone to stay in style. There are basically three major options if you are looking into buying Hizzi products. You can get three packages, depending on your needs:

      • The first kit, DELUXE BEARD GROOMING KIT: Includes the beard oil caramel, one beard balm caramel, one beard shampoo coconut, one beard conditioner coconut, and one brush. This is for men who are looking for a complete package for their beard care and want everything that can possibly help them in achieving the best beard.

      • The second kit, BEARD GROOMING STARTER KIT: Includes one beard oil caramel, one beard balm caramel, and one comb. If you are fine with no conditioning, then this kit is perfect for you. This is usually for people who don’t want to keep a beard larger than two-three weeks. Moreover, if you think that you want a different shampoo, then you can get this kit. You won’t be getting the shampoo and the conditioner, but the oil and balm are a must have as they are made up of natural ingredients and give the right treatment to your beard.

      • The third kit, BEARD WASH KIT: If you have a balm and oil already and are in search of the best shampoo and conditioner which is made up of all-natural ingredients, then you can take the third kit. It includes one beard shampoo coconut and one beard conditioner coconut.

      Hizzi is a growing name in the world of beard care products and is soon going to be a well-known one too, as it comes with all-natural ingredients and is capable of delivering whatever it promises. It is a Norwegian brand and it’s bringing the best skin care to all the men out there who are growing their beards in the right manner.



      Growing your beard is not all about putting your trimmer aside and growing your facial hair in a wild manner. Maintaining it along its growing phase is what makes it turn out to be a great beard. So, man it up and bear the slight itchiness. Go through the first two weeks, and you will be able to grow a beard that makes you look handsome and attractive. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your beard and oil it daily or every other day. Use natural products, like Hizzi, and make sure that you never miss out on taking care of your beard. Moreover, you don’t want to miss out on the beard balm if your beard is getting dry. Avoid the blow dryer, guys, and make sure that you use it rarely, if you absolutely must.


      By taking care of your beard and maintaining it along the way, you will be able to grow a beard that makes you look smarter, more handsome and so much more attractive.



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