Beard grooming may not be the easiest thing on a man's plate. But, because men love their beard they are ready to care for it so that it helps them look as great as they wish to be.

Learn more about what is right for your beard with us. Our brand, Hizzi excels in beard grooming products and services. We give you the adequate products that will have minimum to zero side effects. Norwegian brand with up to the notch caring products that will show results within days!

We cannot deny the fact that men gain that extra awesomeness and style when they shape their beard. The beard is an additive feature that makes them upgrade from a boy to a man, and they strive for it.

We all know that growing a beard requires a good amount of time and care. That’s not all. Men have to be patient in order to give their beard time to grow to that level they are aiming for, to give it the finest styles and shape. It has also been scientifically proven according to surveys that men with beards appear stronger. And, women feel the same way.


Our Kits That You Should Definitely Try

Hizzi is providing excellent men beard kits that are the perfect travel companion. Giving you a range of three amazing kits.

Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit. Holds one beard oil caramel with one beard balm caramel and one beard shampoo.

Your All-in-One Beard Care Starter Kit. It holds one beard oil caramel with one comb and one beard shampoo.

Beard Shampoo & Conditioner Wash Kit. It contains one beard shampoo coconut and one beard conditioner coconut.


Our Products

Our beard oil is one of its kind. It has all the right ingredients with no GMOs or additivities. It is paraben free with amazing components that will eliminate beard itch and dandruff.

Our beard balm has the right amount of beeswax that you need to give your beard the right hold. All day long! The butter in beard balm makes sure your beard stays in shape all day even in harsh climate temperatures.

If you want your beard to go incredibly soft and smooth, we have our very best Carrier Oil for you. Improved formula and ideal components. The perfect oil that will care for your skin and will reduce dryness.

Our best improved formula of beard shampoo that every beard need. It contains natural oils that will ensure hydration and care for your skin. The conditioner that will soften all the wild hairs. Specially formulated with all the right natural ingredients. No harmful components.

Our solid brush with 100% natural boar bristles guaranteed. It will help regulate and distribute the balm and oil into your beard hair and seep into your skin. The perfect bamboo handle brush that will work on any type of hair, including coarse, firm, soft, thin, thick, short, long and tangled beard hair. Made with the perfect care and love especially for you! The best solution to your tangled beard hair. Ensures no snagging or hair pulling.

The comb that is made from solid wood. Our company ensures that it will work just as fine as you want it to.

11. Easy Beard Care Tips

Like the hair on our heard requires constant care, beards are no different. To get your beard to grow thicker and fuller, there are some tasks that men should adopt. An itch-free, good looking scented beard will not grow itself. This is why we have collected some pro tips for you so that you are well aware of how to take care of your beard.

1. Be patient

Remember that your beard will grow overnight. One session of beard oil will not result in a long beard instantly. Men have to remain patient. This is the first and foremost important tip for men before they start growing their beard.

Do not trim it so soon. Ideally, you should leave it for 4 weeks before you plan to trim or style it. This will allow the beard hair to fully grow before you can pick up the style you want to adopt.

2. Know which beard goes well with the shape of your face

Different face shapes have different beard sizes that go well with them. The beard must be in tune with the face shape. After the first weeks have passed, you might want to look up the best style that goes along with your face structure and there you go! Your everyday style is decided.

3. Invest in a quality trimmer

Since you are going to keep your beard, it is a great idea to invest in a good quality trimmer. Trimming is also essential to help the beard stay in shape and trim out the wild hairs that start growing in different directions. Moreover, a well-groomed beard also requires regular pruning. Practice trimming your beard hair so that you get a hang on it gradually. To know better, there are several tutorials teaching men how to crop their beard hair.

4. Wash it

Now that you have planned to grow your beard, you will be using beard balm and beard oil along with several other products to help your beard grow perfectly. This is why, it is significant that you wash it regularly. Beard balms and beard oils contain artificial ingredients that might irritate your skin underneath and damage it. This is why, it is a good idea to thoroughly rinse your beard every day.

Moreover, washing the beard regularly is a good thing to do during the early stages of beard growth. This will avoid itchiness and give your hair follicles the perfect condition to grow.

5. Tame your beard with beard oil

Just like we moisturize our skin and condition our hair, our beard also requires the two in order to grow healthier and fuller. Using beard oil regularly will tame beard hair that grows in different directions. There are several beard oils available in different scents. Always purchase the one with natural ingredients. This will get your beard hair softer and give it the perfect shine it needs.

6. Trim your beard

Trim your beard in such a way that after some time it starts to grow in one direction and the effort you have to put in order to style it is minimum. This can be done by applying beard balm in one similar manner. Moreover, also trim it the perfect way and make use of combs and brushes so that the hair starts to grow in one direction. It is a good idea to trim your beard hair to grow downward in one direction to avoid the tangles and usage of beard balm tame the wild ones. Using a soft-hold styler is also a good option.

7. Don’t miss the Mustache

You cannot grow an epic beard if you miss the mustache. Or unless you want to grow chinstrap. Keep a pair of grooming scissors at home and trim away the extra hair over your lip. You beard alone can't look good if the mustache isn't cooperating well.

8. Eat healthy

To grow hair, it is important to have a healthy diet. Make sure your diet includes protein and Vitamins like B5, B3 and B9. Have nuts, meat, milk and egg yolks in your diet so that your hair follicles have all the nutrients they need to grow out healthy.

9. Add a disinfectant to your list

With all the food, sweat and moisture accumulating in your beard, washing and rinsing might not be enough. You have to nurture your hair follicles, giving them the ideal condition to grow out healthy. This is where disinfectants come in handy. Disinfectants are able to kill all the little germs and little microscopic critters that invade your beard if you ignore using a disinfectant.

10. Remember to brush it

Making sure your beard is free from any tangles is great. This way your beard hair will grow in one direction. Brush your beard every day with a brush or a comb. There are a plenty of different kinds of combs and brushes available for all kinds and lengths of beards.

Brushing your beard after using oil or balm may also help spared the content all over the beard and help it sink underneath the beard skin. Keep your hair as healthy as you can by brushing it regularly.

11. Shampoo

Lots of guys may think that shampooing their beard will be a waste of time. This is not the case. Just like our regular hair needs care, shampooing the beard is never a bad idea. It will give your beard the night fragrance along with the conditioning it needs to blossom and grow. If not every day, shampoo the beard at least twice or thrice a week.


Beard Grooming Tools You Should Know Of

Beard grooming tools are specifically designed to help men grow long beautiful beards. With the help of their beard kit they might not even have to visit a parlor. The mustache comb is ideally designed to glide through the beard. It is strong which means it is great in handling any massive tangle and wild hairs. The combs are polished with the finest material to give you’re the accessory you would love to keep around.

The scissors are super good at what they do. They don't just work perfectly, but look amazing too. The finest accessory that will adjust well with your fingers to give you the grip you need in order to trim your beard hair well. Giving you more control.

  • Mustache comb
  • Pocket beard comb
  • Big beard comb
  • Beard trimming scissors
  • Natural boar bristle brush



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