You never get a good beard as a blessing or just by an accident. If you envy your classmate or your colleague who has an incredibly great beard, chances are that they take care of their beard more than you ever have. Your beard demands your time and efforts. Growing your beard is a totally different thing than grooming it or taking care of it. You can grow your beard all you want but it won’t look great until, and unless, you take care of it in all the right ways.

A good beard is a matter of good skin as well. Men with good skin tend to have better grown beards. They make sure that they don’t scratch their skin all day and keep their hair styled in the best manner, too. A good beard enhances when the hair is styled perfectly along. Therefore, a good beard is not all about the beard itself. It also highly depends on your skin, your neck and your hair. You need to groom your entire face so that your beard can enhance your overall look.

You might be thinking that achieving a good beard is a difficult task. But to be honest, it really isn’t. If you take care of it from the start, you can achieve a beard that looks great and feels great as well. If you don’t know how you can do this, we are here to help you. We have summed up some tips and advices for all men out there, in order for them to take care of their beards.



Here are the top ten beard grooming tips that will help you take care of  your beard the best way and make sure that it grows amazingly well. Just remember, growing your beard perfectly is a commitment, and you need to stay committed to taking care of it. Also, nothing will happen overnight, you need to take in the following tips and tricks into your daily life and make a beard care regime for yourself. You will eventually see the results.

If you don’t want to look like a wanderer from Alaska, then scroll down and start taking care of your beard as of today. It’s never too late to make your beard look amazing. A man without a good beard is never attractive, but a man with a well-groomed beard always is, remember that!



Cleanliness is the key to a good and attractive beard. If you keep your beard clean, you won’t ever have the weird itchy feeling in it, and you won’t be scratching it in a crowd. When you are growing your beard, this is when the cleanliness really matters. If you keep it clean all the time, your beard will grow to be immensely soft. People who have dry beards usually don’t shampoo or condition their beards on regular basis. A dry and bristly beard is probably the last thing a man would want, right? So, make sure that you wash your beard and condition it so it looks just perfect.

It’s really good if you can get your hands on a specific beard shampoo and conditioner. But if you are unable to get one, you can do the job with your normal shampoo as well. The primary focus here is the cleanliness. Hizzi is a great brand for shampoo and conditioners for your beard. They are made from natural ingredients which make them all the more remarkable and harmless. These also ensure great cleaning and moisture.

However, if your beard still feels dry sometimes, you can also get a beard balm. This will bring the required moisture that you need. A well moisturized beard can literally make you look handsome. And, don’t use a blow dryer on your beard. A lot of people do that, and it tends to make your beard frizzy and dry. Keep a separate towel for your beard and dry it with that. Also, comb it after you are done drying it. There are specific wide tooth combs that are perfect for beards, so choose one of those. Stay away from machine-made combs, as they can destroy and spilt the beard hairs.



A lot of people have no idea about how they need to do the best beard neckline. Don’t stress out, as the majority of men have no idea which shape is the best for their beard neckline. It’s pretty easy to get this part wrong. A lot of men have necklines that are creeping into their cheeks and/or on the undersides of their chins, which doesn’t really make them look chick.

The perfect beard neckline is a U-shaped one. It’s not that easy to maintain. If you shave your beard on your own, then you need to have clear instructions for it. Otherwise, you can just ask your beard trimmer to make your neckline into a perfect U-shape. If you are doing it on your own, then you need to take your index finger and middle finger and place them above your Adam’s apple. This is the perfect way to determine the baseline for the bottom of your beard. This makes it easy to set a line from this exact place, all across your neck with your trimmer or razor, whatever you use. From the Adam’s apple point, shave a perfect U-shape from the back of your ears, behind your jawline. This is the perfect neckline for every guy. It’s going to enhance you beard hundred times more. It also makes the beard appear thinker and fuller, so if you have a patchy beard, go and take control of the neckline!



Setting a routine is very crucial. Your beard won’t become the best and most well-groomed beard within a day or two. This takes time, effort and determination. Therefore, you need to set a routine that you can attend to. Don’t make it tough on yourself. You can decide on a certain time frame every day or every second day. And if you’re very busy, you can dedicate your weekends to your beard care regime. Make sure that you don’t make it hard on yourself, because that might make you leave the routine and shave your beard off.

Set a workable routine so that you can maintain your beard well. A time frame that you can dedicate completely to your beard is going to help you maintain your beard and keep it well shaped, clean and moisturized. Keep in mind that it requires time and effort and it won’t happen out of the bolt. Give your beard some of your time, and you will see how it works amazingly. Try it for weeks and you will definitely see a positive change.



Beard grooming requires some tools. You obviously can’t go to a professional every weekend or three times a week! That will to cost you more than you think. Also, once you start taking care of your beard, you will see how much more you will stay persistent in doing so. Therefore, you need to rely on yourself and also invest in some great beard grooming tools. This is a long-term investment, and these tools will stay with you for a long time. So, you need to be cost effective and invest in the right tools. Here are some tools that you must have if you want your beard to be the best.

The most basic tool that every guy must own is a beard trimmer. A cordless trimmer is the best buy, and when you need to invest in one, it’s obviously better to purchase the best. Cordless trimmers make the task easier. Beard trimmers are great for people who have thicker beards and who have a very busy schedule. It makes the job of trimming their beard easier and faster.

A good professional beard scissors is another very crucial tool for bringing the best trim and sculpts to your beard. You need to take grate care in buying the best scissors and be even more careful while using it. This tool is much better for people who have a longer beard. This is mostly about your preferences. Also, make sure that you pick your tools from good companies. You don’t want your investment to go to waste within months. Buy a good pair of scissors that can last for years.



This is the basic grooming advice that all men need to pay attention to. You need to know how you have to use a trimmer in order to get the best beard. If you are unable to use your trimmer in the right manner, you won’t be doing your beard any good. Yes, it can help you in sculpting your beard perfectly. But if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t be able to maximize it. Look up some tutorials to understand all the features of your trimmer and it will help you achieve the best beard. And, don’t forget to comb your beard after you are done with trimming so that you get the perfect, neat look.



A wet beard is slightly longer than the actual beard. When you decide to trim off your wet beard, you usually cut more than you want to in the first place. This can actually ruin your beard’s style and make it look odd as well. This is why. One of the best tips that you can get is never to trim a wet beard. It’s always best to trim your beard first and then wash it and comb it. Also, if you have washed it first, make sure that you dry it with a towel and then trim it. A dry beard allows you to trim the actual size of it. There are no chances of a mistake with a dry beard. So remember, never trim a wet beard.



Just like it’s crucial to oil your hair, it’s important to pay attention to your beard, too. It makes sense! Oiling your beard helps you in maintaining its moisture and in keeping it wonderfully clean as well. It also grows better and softer. There are a lot of options for beard oils and you can also get the perfect oil for your beard type. Hizzi has a great range of natural oils that help boosting beard growth and the overall look. The oils help make the beard smoother, softer and better. Hizzi has the perfect caramel beard oil which boosts your beard in all the right ways. It is amazing as it’s a completely natural oil which will keep your beard hair safe from all kinds of chemicals. Also, make sure that you oil your beard morning, after shower or bath if do, and before bedtime. If not, at least three times a week. But make sure that you keep up with the routine of oiling to see great results.



Your moustache is The Man in the entire game. This little strip of hair is what makes or breaks your look. All men love their moustache and never want it to go wrong. If you trim your own moustache, which almost all men do, then you need to keep some things in mind. It deserves a lot of attention, and you need to give it that attention.                   

When you are trimming your moustache, make sure that you have a relaxed face. This ensures that your mustache will remain the same in all expressions and won’t change with every expression you do. Also, comb your dry mustache hair down before you trim it. This will show the exact amount of hair that needs to be trimmed. You are able to get the right length and thickness. Remember, if your beard is wet when combing, the hair can appear longer, leaving you to cut off too much of the length. Cut your mustache once a week to keep it in check.



There are a lot of products that you can get for your beard. Whatever you rub on your beard is eventually going to affect it. So, you need to make sure that you do all the right things to it. Beard balms and oils are very important if you are a total beard freak. It helps maintain your beard the best way. Also, make sure that you use products that don’t clog your pores or are harsh for your skin. This means that organic products for your beard are better. Hizzi offers such amazing products that are all natural and that leaves your pores clean and open. This means that your beard gets the completely natural treatment which helps improving it all the more. You should also consult dermatologists if your skin is having issues, because it is very crucial for your skin to be perfect in order to have the right beard.



Your skin determines how good your beard looks. It won’t look amazing until, and unless, your skin is fresh and glowing. Also, your beard growth depends highly on your health. This is why it’s very important to stay healthy. Your fresh skin and beard growth are both dependent on your good health.

Another important influence is sleep. Losing your sleep pattern is a huge factor in making your skin worse. And a bad skin equals a bad beard. Statistics also show that lack of sleep can actually slow down beard growth which in turn will hinder your beard’s overall health and appearance.

Lastly, eat with care. A lot of people make themselves look repellent on a date because they start dropping food in their beard. Now, that is a sight no lady will appreciate, so you need to take small bites. Make sure that you don’t fill up your spoon a lot and eat slowly and always keep a napkin close at hand.

So, these are some really easy to use tips for your beard which will make your it grow better and healthier and look great, too. Make sure that you clean your beard on a regular basis and also to keep it well moisturized. Get good, natural beard oil for it as well and oil your beard at least three times a week. This will all ensure a shiny, healthy, clean look.



When it comes to picking the best products for your beard, you might get confused. You obviously want the best, don’t you? This is where Hizzi can be your savior. They offer all-natural beard products that promise to make your beard grow amazingly well and to look great, too. Here are the three major packages that Hizzi offers to all the men out there so that they can make their beard look incredible.


  1. The first beard kit includes one beard oil caramel, one beard balm caramel, one beard shampoo coconut, one beard conditioner coconut, and one beard brush.

  2. The second beard kit contains one beard oil caramel, one beard balm caramel, and one beard comb perfect for all types of beards.

  3. The third beard kit has one beard shampoo coconut and one beard conditioner coconut.


All of these products are made up of natural ingredients and are purely organic. Hizzi offers premium care for beards of all types and ensures healthy growth and smoother look. You won’t be disappointed as natural ingredients make these products free of all kinds of harms and ensure a wonderful looking beard for all.




The final verdict is simple. Give time to your beard so that your beard rewards you back what you want: a perfectly shaped and trimmed beard.

A beard is every man’s asset and it makes him look handsome. The most handsome men ever have the best beards, which simply add up to their looks in a magnificent manner. Start with these simple tips and make an easy beard care regime for yourself. Buy the best beard care products for yourself and stay dedicated to your regime for weeks and you will soon see a very positive result.



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