Beards are in and we can’t deny the fact that not only men like keeping one, women also find them more attractive that way. Men have been working hard to grow beards for a long time now, and they would possibly do anything to have one.

Men can’t grow beards overnight. This is why men have to spend a lot of time and care growing and maintaining the thick hair follicles. Men have been using different products to take care of their beard so that it helps them look great. They use beard oils and beard balms along with several products like beard shampoo and trimmers which help give their beards just what they are looking for.


So, what exactly is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is basically a conditioner that could or could not be left in the beard. It helps men style their beard just the way they want to, making it softer and healthier. Beard oil moisturizes the skin underneath the beard. It nurtures the skin so that the hair is able to grow thicker and healthier.

Beard oil is also able to work its charm to fight against the itching and dryness that men might face on the skin underneath their bread. In most cases, beard oils are mixed with a moisturizer for best results. Jojoba and argon are the two best mixing options.


Beard Oil Cologne

A beard oil is not only able to nurture the skin and help grow a fuller beard, but it also acts as beard deodorizer and cologne. If you want your beard to have a light scent to it, look for a beard oil that has an essential oil scented blend. Avoid using one with fragrance oils. The reason behind this is that fragrance oils are artificial, they are synthetic, while essential oils are not. Using a beard oil with synthetic oils may damage your beard. 

In order to have a thick beard, it’s important that your skin underneath is healthy with no signs of itching and dryness. Once your skin has all the conditions for healthy beard growth, the beard is on its way too!


How a beard oil is used

Instructions for using a beard oil are not very different from that of a beard balm. A beard oil has the capability of providing all the conditions that will lead to a naturally healthy growth of thick facial hair. Beard oils moisturize the skin underneath and act as a conditioner. Beard oils are perfect during the first six weeks of beard growth to make sure men don’t face the trouble to itching. Here are some instructions that can help you if you are wondering how to use a beard oil.

  • Wash your face thoroughly. Rinse your beard with natural-ingredients-holding soap.
  • Apply beard oil to your beard when it gets dry.
  • Massage a small amount of beard oil into your skin and beard.
  • In order to distribute the beard oil all over the beard you might have to brush it with a boar’s brush.
  • Use thrice for best results. You do’t have to wash the beard oil off if the ingredients are natural.


Beard Balm

A beard balm is exactly what you need to style and shape your beard. What a beard balm does, is act as the styling tool that holds your beard in place and gives your beard a fuller look. It also moisturizes your facial hair.

Make sure you check all the ingredients that a beard balm is made up of. Try getting the beard balm that contains all-natural sealants. Preferable ingredients are lanolin, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba and argon oil. Avoid beard balms that contain synthetics sealants like petroleum jelly as they might not suit everyone. It may make/makes your skin itchy. If you use a balm that has petroleum jelly in it, you can’t risk not washing your face and hair thoroughly before you sleep to avoid any damage to your facial hair. However, beard balms with shea butter or beeswax can be left overnight.

Shea butter is an active ingredient that helps your beard grow faster and produce thicker hair. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to use the beard balm with a moisturizer. If you have dry skin, using a moisturizer is a must!

Always purchase the beard balm which is of good quality so that it’s able to seal the dryness, condition the facial hair and provide the stronghold you need to style your beard just the way you like it. Try different trends by shaping your beard. An all-natural beard is a good option if you are looking for all the things in one place.


Best way to use a beard balm

A beard balm is able to perform several tasks for you. It will style your beard by holding it in one place, it will condition your facial hair, and lastly, it will moisturize your skin. Here are some steps that you can adopt if you want to know how a beard is styled. Take a look!

  • Wash and rinse your face with a beard soap with all-natural ingredients.
  • Wait for your face to get dry.
  • Take out a dime-sized amount of balm and rub it on your balms.
  • Run your fingers through your beard gently and continue running the beard balm into your skin
  • After you have massaged your facial hair so that they are well moisturized, reverse the process by running your fingers through your beard hair in a downward motion.
  • Apply balm on your moustach too.
  • Distribute the balm by brushing your hair with a boar's hair brush that will help straighten the beard.
  • Brush your beard thrice to reduce any tangles
  • Your beard is ready to be shaped just the way you like it

Dissimilarities between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

A beard balm and a beard oil are both able to help men grow the beard they want to. But if you don’t know which one you want, why not buy both? How can men be sure which one is what their beard actually needs? The answer is simple. Here is how!

Beard balms and beard oils are great. They both are great at their jobs. The aim of these two is the same, it’s their ingredients and usage that sets them apart.

The major factors that differentiate beard balm and beard oils are

  • Ingredients
  • Length of the beard which helps determine what to use and why
  • Skin type
  • Consistency
  • Penetration
  • Application method


We all can easily tell when we apply them. A beard oil is liquid (better word choice), while the balm is thick. They do appear different. These two have almost the same ingredients, except that a beard balm has two extra components so that it is able to hold the beard in shape.

Vegetable butter is the key ingredient that helps the balm to be able to spread evenly. Shea butter also helps do the same thing. The balm gets evenly distributed and reaches the hair follicles.

The ingredient that beard oil doesn’t contain is beeswax. This has that firmness in it that holds the beard in shape. It helps the beard from drying out too quickly and catches the wild hairs that start growing in any direction you don’t want them to.


Length of Beard

The best way to decide whether men should use beard balm or beard oil is from the length of their beard or whether they want to style their beard or not.

Simple as it is, men with a shorter beard should use beard oil, while those who wear it long are required to use beard balm.

This is the general rule that is applied. Both the products are great at what they do. They nourish the skin, condition the beard hair and help it grow thicker and fuller.

Shorter beards require beard oil, since they can’t be styled by beard balms. Moreover, shorter beard requires growth and the process can be sped up by beard oils. Short hairs can’t be styled with balms so the usage is pointless.


Skin type

This is another variable that can help men decide whether they need to pick beard oil or beard balm. The phenomena are simple, if you have oily skin, then beard balm should be your pick. Do not go with beard oil to avoid excessive oiling and accumulation of dirt and sweat.

Beard oil is great if your skin is dry and it gets scrappy during winter. It will provide your skin with the perfect moisturizing you are looking for.



This factor is easily noticeable. Beard oil is a liquid while the balm is a waxy substance. Simply put, beard balm can’t spill whereas using beard oil makes most of the mess.

This factor comes in handy when you think which product is good to take to your office. If you think you can handle the mess, the go for beard oil. Otherwise, beard balm it is. Moreover, it’s always a little trickier to take care of beard oils since they usually come in glass containers. The glass might break and spill. Balms are packaged in tin containers so they can be easily kept in the luggage ready for your traveling.



As science can suggest, since beard oil is liquid and less thick, it will penetrate into your skin easily. Beard oil also does a better job at keeping your skin moisturized.


Application method

This factor can’t be ignored. The way we are required to apply both these products are different. We usually rub beard balm in our hands to increase friction. However, the oil comes out in a dropper.

Even then, the choice is totally up to you. A beard balm with less amount of beeswax might be okay on a short beard.

While you run your beard with a comb and your beard is able to hold the comb itself without you forcing it, it is time to upgrade to beard balm. You can easily style and shape your beard.

What to use when

It’s the fact that there are some differences between these two products. However, that doesn’tt mean that you can’t use both. Your hair routine might require you to use both for their respective purposes.


Apply balm to your bed beard

Almost all the men have experienced waking up with a bed beard where the beard is most messy. Men have experienced waking up with a bed beard where the beard is facing towards the back of their head. No matter what you do before going to bed, your beard hair will be frizzy and tangled. This is where beard balm can be your life savior.

Instead of applying oil, it’s better to massage your beard with balm. You can start your day by styling your hair just the way you want to. The balm will hold your style throughout the day.

So, the perfect solution to your bed beard which might appear as something you can’t tame, is using beard balm.


Beard oil right after the shower

Since, we have learned about the perfect time to put beard balm, what can be the accurate time to use oil for your beard?

That is right after you have showered. That is the best time to do it, since hot showers dry our skin. You might have hair dried your beard too. This is where you beard needs a lot of moisturizing. You can give your beard the required moisturizing and conditioning by massaging it with beard oil.

Your beard is also soft and clean after the shower which therefore is  the perfect time to massage it with oil.


Beard Oil before going to bed

Massage your beard with oil before going to bed! This goes without saying, especially if you have a short beard and you can’t wait for it to grow long.

After a long day at work, you come home, have your meal and hit the bed in your pjs. Just like you, your beard also deserves some relaxation. This is where beard oil comes in.

Before you go to bed, massage your beard with beard oil. This will sink into your skin underneath the beard and nurture it. If you do that right, you might be able to use a very little amount of beard balm when you wake up.


Scented beard oil before going on a date

The chances of a girl wanting to touch your long beard on a date are high! Imagine a girl asking you things about your beard and eventually ask you if it's okay if she touches your beard. What will you say? You will not say no, that’s for sure.

This is why you need to be well prepared before you head out. Using a scented beard oil may give your beard the right fragrance you are looking for. Moreover, it will also keep it soft and natural.


Since we have been talking about the differences a lot, it must be noted that the similarities can’t be ignored either.

First things first, beard oil and beard balms are made with almost the same ingredients. Argon oil and jojoba oil are among the finest ingredients added in both the products. The second thing to note is that both will make you look great! Both have the same goal.

Moreover, beard oils and beard balms can be applied by hand, brushes and combs. It’s totally up to you, what you like, but the method of application is not very different. They are available in scented and unscented varieties.

Here's how it ends

As a conclusion, we all can easily say how the two are not very different. They share the common goal which is to help your beard grow fuller and thicker. The ingredients are almost the same with beard balm containing one or two more ingredients to be able to hold the hair in shape.

Recommended, a beard oil should be used when the size of the beard is small. However, this is not a strict notion as the choice is totally yours. There is nothing wrong with using beard balm all day. Remember, that every beard is different and it is totally up to you the way you style it.

Furthermore, it’s always a great idea to check the list of ingredients before you purchase any product. Always go for the one which has maximum all-natural ingredients as it’s good for your skin and facial hair. You can always try doing a small experiment with yourself to help find out what’s best for you beard.



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